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To the amazing Travis Early College High School Panther Class of 2020!

I know these are very uncertain times as we navigate through this Coronavirus pandemic. Many of you, as well as your parents and guardians have reached out to me asking, “What is going to happen now? Will we have a prom and a graduation?” Naturally, these are some of the last steps you’re supposed to enjoy senior year. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I, or anyone can say that will make up the lost time in what is supposed to be the best year of your high school years. 

The Class of 2020 has always demonstrated strength, commitment, dedication and resilience. Up until now, you have made many decisions to accept new challenges as you transition to the next phase of your life and attend the college or university of your choice in the fall. Graduating from Travis Early College High School and from San Antonio College, I, as well as your teachers, college professors and parents are confident that you are ready for the university, career and life. 

I hope you enjoy the Class of 2020 Virtual Senior Spirit Week scheduled for the week of May 18 and the Senior Celebration Parade scheduled for June 1. 

Graduation has been postponed to a date in mid-June. You will be informed of our new plans when the details are set. We, the campus teachers and staff and the SAISD Family, are dedicated in providing you the best experience as you complete your time at Travis Early College High School. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time. Continue to practice social distancing and be safe. 


Adrianna L. Arredondo 
Travis ECHS Principal 

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Congratulations to Travis Early College 
High School Class of 2020!

Maximo Estrada

Maximo Estrada, valedictorian of Travis Early College High School Class of 2020, likes to boil everything down to its simplest form. Be it discussing philosophy at the dinner table with his family or working on math equations for the SAT, Max enjoys stripping away the layers of a topic to really understand the basic facts. This analytical nature will serve him well as he heads off to Rice University this fall to study engineering with a focus on computer science. 

Torn between studying microbiology, biochemistry and computer science, Max let the basic facts of the situation guide his college decision.

“It doesn’t really matter where I go to college, it is what I do with my degree, whatever it may be,” he said. “What I am really looking at whichever institution gives me the most money so I can excel.”

So when Max got the word he was awarded $200,000 worth of support from Rice over a four-year period through the Rice Investment, his college choice was made.

This National Hispanic Scholar with a 1430 SAT score will be following in his father’s footsteps as he begins his studies in computer engineering. Max’s dad has been a software developer for over 35 years and had recently been teaching his son the basics of programming. 

“Dad is a software developer and got his degree in 1988,” Max said. “I am finally picking up the torch and learning from him. I am curious how things will play out. Right now, he is teaching me about Java. I enjoy it very well.”

When asked if he feels prepared for college, Max answers honestly: yes and no.

“Yes, in the sense that Travis has taught me what college life is going to be like,” he said. “The fact that your success is up to you. You have to be the one to go out there and ask the questions, go to office hours. That is what being part of an early college high school taught me, that it is all up to you; it comes down to whether or not you want to do it. The reason I don’t feel prepared because right now, I am not officially on my own. That’s something nobody can prepare you for.”

Max’s mother is a first-grade bilingual teacher at Douglass Academy, where Max has volunteered as a robotics coach and chess teacher to the student there.

“I volunteer because I want to give back the experiences I received as a child,” he said. “In middle school, I was part of the First Lego League Robotics. I started learning chess in second grade and that was a phenomenal experience; it helped me experience the analytical side of thinking, as well as perception. I really value that.”

Travis requires all of its seniors to have 100 hours of community service upon graduation. Max has more than three times the required amount, with 325 hours. 

“Seeing that light turn in their eyes is my favorite thing about volunteering,” he said. “Once you see that thought click in their head, that is the best part.”

Max says he is looking forward to his college experience and to meeting the people who have already done what he is trying to do.

“I can’t wait to meet people who share that drive, that inspiration for learning,” he said. “And the professors - I am looking forward to being able to have the experience of learning from those who have done so much.”

Class Officers 
Andrew Gavin Olguin - President

Felisha Bocanegra - Vice President

Adamaris Trevino- Secretary

Nicolas Andres Rios - Treasurer

Jesus Alonso Villasana - Historian

Deandra Flores - Student Engagement

Abcde Marie Espinoza - Parliamentarian

Gloria Irma Gorena Garcia - Chief of Staff

School Colors 
Navy blue and white

School Mascot

Class Motto
A Class with a Vision

Class Song
The Night We Met - Lord Huron featuring Phoebe Bridgers  

Travis Early College High School
Class of 2020

Maximo T. Estrada

Rozlynn M. Olivas

  • Travis Early College High School's Top Ten
  • #1 Maximo Trevino Estrada, Rice University
    #2 Rozlynn Macbeth Olivas, University of the Incarnate Word
    #3 Nicolas Andres Rios, Johns Hopkins University
    #4 Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez, University of Texas at San Antonio
    #5 Laysha Olimpia Garcia, University of Texas at Austin
    #6 Ana Damaris Neaves, Middlebury College
    #7 Natalie Magallanes, University of North Texas
    #8 Ashley Virginia Pennix, Texas Tech University
    #9 Yesenia Maria Montalvo-Lopez, St. Mary’s Univeristy
    #10 Yasmin Banuelos, Texas Tech University

    Travis Early College High School
    Class of 2020

    Janai Mychelle Adams
    Lorie A. Alfaro
    Daisy Almanza
    Sebastian  Alvarado
    Emily Jayne Apolinar
    Leonela Nicole Aybar
    Yasmin Banuelos
    Taina Magdalena Barrera
    Felisha M Bocanegra
    Brianna Rachelle Briseno
    David Anthony Cajchun
    Vanessa Lorraine Camacho
    Joshua-Jovani Lemus Campacos
    Madia Lynn Campos
    Jeremiah Carmona
    Deana Del-Mari Castillo
    Valerie Cepeda
    Antonio Edwardo Charo
    Juan Julian Cruz
    Israel De Leon
    Myrka Marilyn De Leon
    Christopher Del Rio
    Jose Luis Diaz
    Marco Theodore Escamilla
    Ariel Rose Jolie Escobedo
    Abcde Marie Espinoza
    Maximo Trevino Estrada
    Deandra Flores
    Francisco Eduardo Flores Hernandez
    Kenny Osmin Flores-Vasquez
    Stephen Anthony Galan
    Alexandra Garay Lopez
    Emily Ann Garcia
    Laysha Olimpia Garcia
    Diana Gonzalez
    Gloria Irma Gorena Garcia
    Cayla Celeste Hernandez
    Clarissma Daniella Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez
    Lauren A. Hernandez
    Samantha Pauline Hernandez
    Jake Marshall Huerta
    Filiberto Ibarra
    Alfonso Martin Lopez
    Katherine Elizabeth Lopez
    Kenyon Rhys Luce
    Yordi Lugo
    Natalie Magallanes
    Sebastian Ray Martinez
    Aracelly April Mata
    Jenna Lea Mendoza
    Andrea Miller
    Samantha Alexandra Moncivais
    Yesenia Maria Montalvo-Lopez
    Ana Damaris Neaves
    Sylvia Yolanda Nothstein
    Andrew Gavin Olguin
    Rozlynn Macbeth Olivas
    Brandy Koral Ordaz
    Gabriella Angelina Partida
    Ashley Virginia Pennix
    Cierra May Perez
    Marissa Perez
    Jose Juan Pina Bautista
    Abcde Cecilia Pompa-Gonzalez
    Gabriella Quinonez
    Xiclali Quinonez
    Mauricio Ramirez
    Alma Leticia Renderos
    Eli De Jesus Renderos
    Nicolas Andres Rios
    Lynda Alexandra Rodriguez Vasquez
    Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez
    Victoria Rodriguez
    Heaven Lee Rueda
    Luis Angel Salas
    Holanda Saldivar
    Gabriela Maria Sanchez
    Michael Joseph Sanchez
    Yadira A. Silva
    Gabrielle Ariana Solis
    Jose Sebastian Solis
    Nicolas Roberto Solis
    Ana Karen Suarez
    Luis Antonio Torres
    Ryan David Torres
    Aubrey Angelica Tovar
    Adamaris Trevino
    Nicole Alexis Valadez
    Roberto Carlos Vallejos-Molina
    Laura Annabell Vazquez
    Jesus Alonso Villasana


    San Antonio Independent School District

    Board Of Trustees

    Patti Radle............President

    Arthur V. Valdez............Vice President

    Debra Guerrero............Secretary

    Steve Lecholop.............Trustee

    Alicia Perry............Trustee

    Christina Martinez............Trustee

    Ed Garza............Trustee

    Superintendent of Schools

    Pedro Martinez

    Chief Academic Officer  ~ Office of Academics

    Patricia Salzmann

    Assistant Superintendent Innovation Schools

    Angelica Romero

    Travis Early College High School Principal

    Adrianna L. Arredondo

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