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High School Equivalency Graduation Ceremony
Thursday, Aug. 25 @ 4 p.m. 
Alamo Convocation Center
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Congratulations August 2022 Graduates!


Graduate Speaker 
Victoria Turullols

Victoria will study history at San Antonio College this Fall.

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome during your education?

My greatest challenge during my educational journey has been my reluctance to go back to acquire it. I always put myself on the back burner and told myself that "one day" I'll get my GED and go to college. My frame of mind was that I couldn't do it and wasn't smart enough or had the time to do it. Being a single mom, I wanted to provide for my kids first. Their needs and wants were first and my path seemed set in stone — the path of dead-end jobs that make us live paycheck to paycheck and hating Mondays. I wanted to love going to work, but at that time I dreaded it. I was stuck.

I overcame these challenges by telling myself that I was worth making the time and effort to better my life. In the long run it wasn't just for my benefit, but for my children's benefit as well. So I made time to find a GED class, earned it and now I'm enrolled in college. The best part is now I'm confident that I AM smart enough, I CAN do it and I DO have time. I'm worth it and most importantly, my family is worth it. 


Who has been most influential to you in your education this far?

The person in my life who has been the most influential to me is my Mother. She has always stood by me no matter what, loving me and never throwing my mistakes in my face. Instead, she has built me up basically from my foundation into who I am today. From when I was a child, she has always been the strongest woman I know. She herself has overcome many struggles and challenges, always putting one foot forward and trying again with a smile on her face. She herself was a single mother and found a way to give me the world. I just want to make her proud. Recently, she has had serious medical problems. Her health is deteriorating and I need to give her peace of mind that her only daughter is self-assured and independently providing for herself and her children. I owe it to her.

What is your hope for your fellow graduates as they move on to the next chapter of their lives?

My hope for my fellow graduates is that they believe they can achieve anything they put their minds to. They already achieved so much by earning their HSE and should be extremely proud of themselves. The door to the rest of their life has just been opened and they hold the key. If they ever feel overwhelmed or like they can't do it, just remember that you CAN do it, you ARE smart and you DO have time. Life passes us by in a blink of an eye and every second counts. 

Graduation Candidates

Ashley Aguero
Jazmin Aleman
Sharlotte Anderson
Stephanie Avelar
Ross Avilez
Pamela Barberini Bolon
Richard Barrera
Cecilia Barreto
Lara Bickham
Danielle Black
Kimberly Ann Blair
Isis Rogue Briseno
Zachary Brooks
Maria Buendia
Sherry Cabell
Kenia Cabeza
Cristina Cadena
Jazlyn Cadena
Sarah Elizabeth Melody Campbell
Nikole Campos
Janie Casiano
Jessica Cerna
Cristina Colunga
Melanie Denise Corley
Katelynn Crego
Jon Cummings
Hannah Davenport
Ruben De La Pena
John De La Torre
Adriana De Leon
Myrna Denend
Armanda Marie Diaz
Nayeli Dominguez
Grace Eppard
Christina Farr
Destiny Fernandez
Marie Flores
Brittney Fulton
Daniel Gallagher
Felicity Gallegos
Ezekiel Galloway III
Victoria Garcia
Hillary Garcia
Alice Adeline Garza
Darlene Gonzales
Desiree Gonzales
Leslie Renee Gonzalez
Amber Gutierrez
Kevin Haguewood
Detra Harris
Alexander Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez
Marina Ann Hernandez
Joseline Herrera
Brandon Jordan Hunt
Priscilla Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez
Gabrielle Johnson
Brianna Marie Juarez
Claudia Monica Juarez Vazquez
Daniela Lara
Derik Lees
Jincai Li
Brianda Lopez
Cameron Lopez
Destiny Lopez
Ralph David Lucketic II
Tanya Mae Lynn
Avianca Marin
Amber Marie Martinez
Benjamin Martinez
Melinda Martinez
Monica Martinez
Yasmine Mcquoid
Myrna Medina
Victoria Mendoza
Rudy Montez Jr
Andrew Moreno
Klarissa Adela Muniz
Katherine Munoz
Myrna Munoz Ramirez
David Nabrovskis
Luis Nakamoto
Richard Nichols
Blanca Orozco
Elizabeth Ortegon
Arielle Ortiz Perales
Jenny Rose Paez
Sheldon Pell
Valerie Perez
Crystal Polk
Angel Star Portillo-Arellano
Laura Raquel Pulido
Vanessa Ramirez
Lesley Ramirez
Jasmine Ramos
Richard Ramos
Miriam Regalado
Laura Reyes
Christopher Lee Ríos
Venezia Rivas
Evelyn Rodriguez
Julia Rodriguez
Briana Rodriguez
Joseph Roell III
Dalila Romero
Melissa Salais
"Jaimie" Salinas
Selena Sanchez
Rosalio Sifuentes
Yon Soto
"DeAnna" Stafford
Kurstey Steiger
Rosillo Devette Tapia
Alex Tolento
Jennifer Torres
Bertha Torres
Denise Tovar
Richard Trevino
Aaron Trujillo
Victoria Turullols
Emilie Aurelia Ugalde
Vanessa Valdez
Maximiana Valenzuela
Alexandra B. Valverde
Ismaelia Vasquez
Melissa Vasquez
Davila Hector Victorino
Mireya Villalobos
Chelsea Wager
Chandale Washington
Steven Whitehead
Antonio Zcruz Gonzalez
Brittany Zendejas

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