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Vendor set up forms
Vendor Setup Procedures
Vendor Setup Packet

Can a vendor be paid via ACH?
For ACH set up, please contact Valerie Stone at or call (210) 554-8649.

Where can I find the partial payment sheet?
Partial Payment Submission Form
Office Depot Instructions

When are checks processed for payment?
Checks are processed for payment on Wednesday, printed on Thursday and mailed out to vendors on Friday.

Can I send in quotes?
Accounts payable cannot process payment off a quote. Please ensure when sending in Purchase orders for payment to include a valid invoice that matches the purchase order.

Where can I find a copy of an invoice?
Contact the individual who is in charge of the vendor, in order to obtain a copy of a missing invoice.

Where can I find payment information?
Refer to screen WFN 5750 and type in the invoice number in question. If a check has processed data will populate in the appropriate fields. If the fields don’t populate contact accounts payable to find out the status.

How can I check outstanding Po’s for a budget?
Refer to screen WFN 5915 and type in the budget code in question. From there click on the red button in the right hand corner and a list of transactions will appear.

How can I set up ACH for a vendor?
Under the “forms” section, you will find the appropriate document needed to set up ACH. Fill out the form in its entirety with legible print in order to avoid delays.

How can I update my ACH bank account information?
Please notify Valerie Stone if you have recently changed your bank account information with payroll in order to avoid delay of payments.

How do I find a vendor in iTTCS?
Refer to screen WFN 5835 in order to verify whether or not a vendor is already set up in iTTCS.

How do I get a new vendor set up in iTTCS?
Ensure that the vendor that you are requesting to be set up isn’t already set up in iTTCs. If the vendor is not set up, please refer to the “forms” section of the website and complete the forms in entirety. Send the completed forms to Andrea Hernandez and allow for a minimum of 48 working hours for the vendor to be set up in iTTCS.

Who do I contact to update a vendor name or address?
Send an email to Andrea Hernandez, either with an updated W-9 or an email from the vendor stating the updated address. For an employee – send an email to Andrea Hernandez along with the employee ID number, previous ORG and new Org.

The vendor hasn’t received their check? How long do I have to wait until they can be reimbursed?
Please allow a minimum of two weeks before requesting a stop pay on a check.

How do I complete a stop payment?
After two weeks of the check date, contact the appropriate individual who handles the vendor check in question. Accounts payable will then contact accounting to verify that the check has not cleared the bank. Once accounts payable verifies that the check has not cleared the bank, a new check will be reissued within one week.

Who do I contact to close a PO?
Contact the person who handles the vendor in question. Please send an email with a signed purchase order, or an email with your principal’s consent.

Where can I find a tax exempt form?
Please contact anyone in accounts payable and a form will be provided within 2 business days. 

Where can I obtain a W-9 form?
Please contact Toni Nelson for a signed W-9 form.

What if I have travel question?
Please contact Maria Vanegas at 210-554-8582

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