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District Leadership Team

Board policy BQA (LOCAL), in response to legal mandates, establishes a site-based, decision-making committee at the district level to advise the Board or its designee on educational goals and objectives and to assist the Superintendent. Two levels of teams function within the district.  At the district-level, the District Leadership Team (DLT) and at the campus-level, the Campus Leadership Teams (CLTs).

The DLT is chaired by the Superintendent with a co-chairperson elected by the members of the committee. Terms of Service: Two (2)-year terms for the school years.

The District Leadership Team (DLT) is established to advise the Superintendent acting as the Board’s designee in the following roles.As advisors, various duties of the DLT include the following:

  • Establish and review the District's educational goals and objectives;
  • Review major district-wide instructional programs identified by the Board or Superintendent;
  • Analyze dropout rates, dropout prevention plans and graduation rates and
  • Approve staff development of a district-wide nature

Specific duties of the DLT outlined in BQA (LEGAL) include the following:

  • Be involved in establishing and reviewing the district educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs;
  • Address all pertinent federal planning requirements;
  • Assist the Superintendent annually in preparing, reviewing, and revising the District Improvement Plan;
  • Analyze the district dropout rates, dropout prevention plans and graduation rates;
  • Hold one public meeting annually after receipt of the district-level performance report to discuss the performance and the performance objectives;
  • Advise district staff regarding the discipline management program including the SAISD Student Code of Conduct;
  • Participate in the development of and approve District-wide staff development and
  • As appropriate, provide written comments on requests for waivers submitted to TEA

For the purposes of membership on the DLT, the District is divided into four teams. A team is considered to consist of the schools that form the teams as divided for supervision in the School Leadership Department, as identified by the Superintendent.

The DLT shall be composed of forty-eight members elected by and who represent campus-based professionals, paraprofessional/classified staff and parents and district-level professionals, business and community members. The business and community members are appointed by the Superintendent. Three (3) District-level professionals shall serve as advisors to the DLT.  In addition, any organized employee group may have an advisor representative present at the meetings. 

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