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Middle School Partners Program

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406 Barrera St, Suite 28
Room 121
San Antonio, Texas 78207
210-554-2654 (phone)
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What is the Middle School Partners Program?
The program is designed to focus on over-aged (14-16) middle school students who
have been academically unsuccessful, who are two or more years below grade level
and who have multiple risk factors associated with continual academic failure. The
MSP program is not only structured to provide the academic recovery element these
students need for a second chance, but is also focused on the needed strategies for
building self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

What are the requirements for program enrollment?
Students are enrolled for one academic year and for a four week summer program.
Upon enrollment to the Partner’s Program, the student’s original schedule is adjusted.
When students are enrolled, both the program and student expectations are explained
and clarified to ensure understanding.

What is the class size?
The student joins a small learning community of twenty-five selected students.

Do you have to own a personal computer?
No, students are provided the use of an individual lap top for the high school on-line
program. The district’s on-line credit program is utilized.

What will my daily schedule look like?
The instructional day consists of seven (7) 45 minute periods. You will have four core
8th grade subjects – Math, Science, English and Social Studies. You will have one
elective class and two periods for high school on-line self-paced accelerated classes.

How many high school credits can I earn?
There is a general time frame associated with each course module. Generally it takes
from 4-6 weeks and at the end of each 9 weeks 1 ½ credits should be earned. Throughout
the program, the student should be able to earn 5.5-6.5 credits.

Is summer school required?
Yes. This required four week summer support provides students the opportunity to catch
up on core academic credits, to accelerate their accumulation of high school credits and to
engage in furthering learning opportunities. The program will operate for either half a day
of full day depending upon student needs.

Will the student participate in field trips?
Yes, the students take two field trips during the academic school year. One trip will be to a
High School and the other trip will be to a local College.

Who is eligible?
The following eligibility criteria for possible program participation must be met by all students.
These requirements include any student who has been identified as LEP or who may have special

  • Student must be an over age eighth grader. (If there are program candidates who meet the over age requirement, but is not enrolled as an eighth grader, a G.P.C. must convene, recommend and ultimately place the student in the eighth grade before the student can be considered as a candidate for possible program placement.)
  • Student has been retained for one or more years.
  • Student has failed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) one or more times in the areas of math, reading, and/or writing.
  • Student has repeated one or more courses of study.
  • Student has eight or less absences in the last (18) eighteen weeks of school.
  • Student has the necessary desire to success as determined by an assessment (survey) and by an interview conducted by the instructional Partner.
  • Student possesses or has the potential to develop independent work skills necessary to successfully complete the on-line recovery program requirements for earning credit.
  • Student must be able to fulfill all time and effort requirements of the program. This means that the entry date into the program must align with the designated time element for completion of all academic requirements.
  • The student must be able to fulfill both the program and student expectations.

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