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Elementary and Secondary School
Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund: 

San Antonio ISD's Recovery Plan


A Commitment to our Families

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Antonio ISD pivoted to a virtual learning model, accelerating a 3-year 1:1 technology plan to a matter of weeks. We made a pledge to ensure every student had a device and access to wifi connectivity so that all our students could connect with their teachers and engage in meaningful remote learning. We also developed a comprehensive plan to mitigate learning loss, and focused on prioritizing the socio-emotional health of all our families.

Over a year later, San Antonio ISD is committed to a successful transition back to in-person learning. We will work to achieve our goal of ensuring every student receives a rigorous and enriching educational experience that prepares them for success in college, career, and life. While the past year has provided challenges, we remain focused on pursuing personalized and equitable learning models that provide access to the tools and resources needed for all methods of learning. 

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 school year, we know that we will be fighting an uphill battle, as our teachers, staff, and families are fatigued, and many of our students need additional support to get back on track.

The dollars allocated through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund are critical to getting our teachers and students back on track and ready for the upcoming school year and whatever lies ahead.

For the 2021-22 school year, San Antonio ISD has been allocated approximately $78.3M from ESSER II and III funds for year 1; $78.3M for year 2; $60M for year 3, and $60M for year 4, for a total of $276.6 million. We have a comprehensive, working plan to holistically tackle our needs. Our plan is informed by feedback, research, and a commitment to ensuring every student in San Antonio ISD is prepared for success.

View San Antonio ISD's 2020-2023 ARP ESSER II Federal Grant Applications.

View San Antonio ISD's 2020-2023 ARP ESSER III Federal Grant Applications.

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Community input is vital. San Antonio ISD is soliciting feedback on how to best use federal ESSER funds to support our students.
We want to hear from you!

Feedback Sessions

Principals hosted campus-based feedback sessions with staff and families in May and June 2021.

The District will also seek input from various committees and external partners, including: 

  • District Leadership Team (DLT)
  • Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) 
  • Principal Advisory Council (PAC)
  • District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)
  • Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

The District will continue its stakeholder engagement around ESSER in year 1 in October 2021 and March 2022


Stakeholder feedback was collected through an ESSER survey in May and June of 2021. View the survey results in the Continuity of Services and ESSER Enhancement Plan below. 

Questions or Comments? 

If you have any questions or comments, email us at or call us at (210) 554-2210. 


Safe Return to In-Person Learning
and Continuity of Services Plan 

The plan includes prevention and mitigation strategies and implementation of CDC guidelines.

Continuity of Services
and ESSER Enhancement Plan

The plan includes proposed investments, budget priorities, survey data, and the stakeholder engagement process. 

These plans are available in English and Spanish. To request a document in another language,
please email or call (210) 554-2279 Ext. 54236.


Extended Learning 

Social, Emotional, & Academic Development

Instructional Support

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Proposed Investments

Social & Emotional Support
($9.3 Million)

Additional social workers, therapists, and counselors will ensure that every student in SAISD has access to the socio-emotional supports they need to be successful in school and in life.

In addition to making sure every school has campus-based support staff, our Communities in Schools Partnerships will increase to 39 campuses.

  • Social workers, therapists, and counselors ($7.9m)
  • Campus-based support staff and expanding CIS partnership ($1.4m)

Additional Instructional Time
($20.7 Million)

An extended school calendar will ensure our students have the additional instructional time they need to be prepared academically, including a Summer JumpStart program, year-round book clubs, and a comprehensive Digital Playground that is updated regularly and accessible 24/7.

  • Staffing will include addition of elective teachers, instructional coaches, nurses, librarians, high school leads counselors, and additional custodial and transportation support. ($11.9m)
  • Campus leadership, including all principals and assistant principals, will have more days to prepare and plan. ($4.2m)
  • All Master Teachers will be on an extended calendar and be compensated with a pay raise of 10k annually. ($4.6m)

Additional Recovery Support
($23.7 Million)

A small percentage of our students will choose to continue remote learning next year. Our plan is to allocate funds for a staff dedicated to teaching remote learners and providing them an optimal distance learning experience. This will also allow in-person teachers to focus on their in-person students. 

In addition, we will invest in programs and initiatives that enable us to fully support our families and community:

  • Expanding Extracurriculars ($3m)
  • Parent and Community Engagement ($1m)
  • Enrollment and Marketing Support ($1m)
  • Literacy Academy Teacher Stipend ($998,000)
  • Additional teachers for Fine Arts, P-TECH, LOTC and other growing programs ($1.4m)
  • Dedicated teachers for distance learning ($4.4m)
  • Academic deans for each of the 7 comprehensive high schools ($683,500) 

Staff Compensation
($9.4 Million)

We know it's been an incredibly taxing year and a half for everyone- parents, students, teachers, and staff. We are committed to investing in our employees and rewarding their commitment to our students and families. Increased compensation will include:

All permanent full-time employees, including ALL teachers, will receive a 2% pay increase.

Minimum base hourly pay increase from $15 to $16 an hour.

SAISD will cover the health and benefit premium increases to ensure that no employee pays more for benefits, and expand the benefits. 

  • Pay increase for permanent full-time employees ($6.6m)
  • Minimum base hourly pay increase ($1.4m)
  • Health and benefit premium contribution ($1.3m)

Safety & Protection
($2.4 Million)

Even though COVID is currently well controlled, we will continue to be vigilant and allocate funds to reflect our commitment to ensure every student and staff member is as safe as possible, with the following investments:

  • Sanitizers, disinfectants and cleaning supplies ($465,000)
  • Additional shields and protective gear ($100,000)
  • Enhanced filtration and ventilation ($1.9m)

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