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Repurposing our facilities together: A commitment to our community

San Antonio ISD is committed to repurposing facilities affected by rightsizing so that the buildings continue to benefit and serve the community. Throughout the repurposing process, The District will engage stakeholders to envision the new possibilities within our community. The purpose of this website is to keep all stakeholders informed about the process and communicate critical information.

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The Purpose of the Panel

On November 13, 2023, the San Antonio Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a resolution on Facilities Planning and Development. The resolution included the following language:

“The Board of Trustees directs the superintendent and staff to:  convene a panel of citizens, including families from the neighborhoods of the closed schools, who will serve as a subcommittee of the Always Learning Children’s Cabinet, and, with the support of district staff, make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on how to make the best use of all of our vacant facilities including those closed due to this year’s rightsizing decision; the panel will consider prioritizing access to current San Antonio ISD schools with waiting lists before any other organization.”

The objectives of the Facility Repurposing Panel: 

  • Advise senior SAISD administration on all processes for repurposing or reuse of facilities, including community engagement and input regarding facility disposition; Provide input on decisions regarding third parties who may support the process(es);
  • Provide input on specific recommendations regarding single facilities;
  • Assist in providing information about process and recommendations to the community and support community engagement through efforts that may include meetings, events, letters, notices, calls, etc.;
  • Report its views and recommendations in writing to senior administration and the Children’s Cabinet, and for publishing on the Facility Repurposing website. 

The rightsizing decision was the result of a resolution the Board of Trustees approved on June 20, 2023, which was informed by two long-term trends. The first was declining enrollment due to a combination of decreasing birth rates and a lack of housing affordable to families with school-aged children. The second was a reluctance over the years to reduce the number of schools as student enrollment declined.

In its resolution, the board expressed concern about the consequences of these two trends, which they believed resulted in a growing and unintended inequitable distribution of resources among students. The resolution called for district staff to conduct a study to re-evaluate and optimize the district's resources, considering the changing demographics and the evolving needs of students.

In response, district staff drafted the values and criteria it could use as a framework to conduct the study and held 14 meetings to gather community feedback on the framework. Based on public input, the district substantially revised the framework, and then applied it to develop an initial rightsizing recommendation. The initial proposal was presented to the board on Sept. 18, 2023. The district followed the presentation with a second phase of engagement and held another 23 neighborhood meetings, located mainly at the affected schools.

In addition to these neighborhood meetings, SAISD held numerous meetings with various stakeholders including neighborhood associations, faith-based groups, the San Antonio Alliance and the Schools our Students Deserve Coalition, state, county and local elected officials, and multiple advisory committees and councils within the district.

In total, SAISD spent 146 days, which amounts to nearly five months, developing, presenting, discussing, and deliberating over the study. The final recommendation includes substantial adjustments to its Sept. 18 proposal, and the modifications align with the criteria and priorities established in the framework.

Learn more about the rightsizing process here.

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* Members of the Facilities Repurposing Panel serves strictly as an advisory council and have no power to expend public funds, enter into contracts, or otherwise place obligation or liability upon the district.


Panel Member & Co-Chair
Thomas Davis 
An SAISD resident, husband of an SAISD Middle School teacher, and father to two young children entering the district. He serves on the panel to support facility repurposing in ways and designs that strengthen the overall community.

Panel Member & Co-chair 
Jennifer Tobias
An SAISD parent and resident. She serves on this panel as part of her commitment to making the Facility Repurposing process as community centered as possible.
Panel Member & Co-chair 
Renee Watson
A proud SAISD alum. She serves on this panel as part of her commitment to assist with growth and best management of SAISD resources.
Panel Member
Pastor Patrick Jones

A native San Antonian committed to serving the community.
Panel Member
Mellisa Stendahl

The parent of an SAISD student and resident. She serves on this panel to contribute to positive outcomes and to help to keep the district accountable with community engagement and input.
Alliance Representative
Alejandra Lopez
Panel Member
Susan Simpson

A SAISD life-long resident and alum.  She serves on this panel because she is passionate about children and her community.
Panel Member
Henery Gonzalez

A proud SAISD resident and alum.  He serves on this panel because he wants to ensure that the district buildings are repurposed to solely serve the SAISD community.
Panel Member
Pat Jasso
A long time member, advocate, and alumni of SAISD.
Panel Member
Amanada Lee Keammerer

A proud SAISD alum.  She serves on this panel because she is passionate about increasing access to technology skills and jobs, achieving equity within the district, and bringing people together to solve difficult problems.
Panel Member
Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jason Mimms
An SAISD alum who is committed to promoting academic excellence in urban zip codes. He serves on this panel because he feels presence matters.
Panel Member
Javier Ramos-Garcia
An SAISD alum and parent.
Panel Member
Pharaoh Clark

A prominent civil rights activist renowned for his impassioned advocacy for marginalized communities. He serves on this panel because his  focus is on youth and community and feels it important that all are working transparently to find a purpose and solution for our SAISD community. 
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