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Goal Setting

The goal-setting process is an ongoing, recursive process through which employees authentically engage in reflection about their current professional practices, identify one individualized professional practice goal, establish and implement a plan to attain that goal, and track progress toward the goal over the course of the school year.

  • Supports employee growth and development
  • Focuses on expanding or deepening employee skills and competencies
  • Motivates employee to track progress and take responsibility for their work
  • Promotes learning and aligns to employee interest and/or desire for professional growth
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Process Overview

Goal Setting and Professional Development Plan. Each teacher creates one professional practice goal aligned to Domain 1 or 2 and one Student Growth Goal and identifies the professional development and other resources needed to achieve the goals.

Goal-Setting Conference. 
A goal-setting conference is required for teachers who have not previously been appraised on T-TESS, as well as those who are new to the district.

Goal Formative Reviews. Teachers are encouraged to complete formative reviews at least twice per semester to ensure progress toward goal attainment.

Goal Attainment Documentation for the End-of-Year Conference. Teachers should reflect upon and respond to  the following questions:

  1. Identify evidence of goal attainment/progress including impact on student achievement.
  2. Identify professional development participation connections for this goal.
  3. Describe how this goal was used to impact instruction and student achievement.
  4. What, if anything, would you have done differently? How might you build on this goal?

Draft Goal for Next Year. The reflection and conversation during the End-of-Year Conference will lead to preliminary formation of next year's Professional Practice Goal.




Process Overview

Beginning-of-Year Self-Assessment. The Principal/Assistant Principal completes a self-assessment using the T-PESS Rubric. 

Beginning-of-Year Goal Setting. The Principal/Assistant Principal sets a Professional Practice Goal that prioritizes a primary area of development related to instructional leadership (Domain 4 or 5) as well as a student growth goal.

Middle-of-Year Goal Review. The Principal/Assistant Principal provides evidence of progress toward attainment of the professional practice and student growth goals.

End-of-Year Goal Attainment. The Principal/Assistant Principal provides evidence of completion for both the professional practice and student growth goals prior to the End-of-Year Conference.




Process Overview

Beginning-of-Year Self-Assessment. The Instructional Coach/Specialist completes a beginning-of-year self-assessment using the Instructional Coach/Specialist rubric.

Beginning-of-Year Goal Setting. The Instructional Coach/Specialist sets a Professional Practice Goal that prioritizes a primary area of development.

Middle-of-Year Goal Review. The Instructional Coach/Specialist reviews their progress toward goal attainment and provides evidence of progress.

End-of-Year Goal Attainment. The Instructional Coach/Specialist provides evidence of goal attainment for their professional practice goal prior to the End-of-Year Conference.




Process Overview

Beginning-of-Year Goal Setting. All employees are expected to create at least one professional practice goal that prioritizes a primary area of development for the employee.
Middle-of-Year Goal Progress. The employee should document evidence of their progress toward goal attainment. If changes are made to the original goal, the appraiser must review and approve the goal.
End-of-Year Goal Attainment. The employee shares their evidence of completion with the appraiser during the End-of-Year Conference. 
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