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Rightsizing Study Final Package
Approved November 13th

Your voice is critical as we move forward with blending our schools affected by the Rightsizing process.
We want your feedback to create a plan that will support campuses to create schools where all students, staff, and families feel comfortable, welcomed, and have a sense of belonging at our campuses affected by Rightsizing. Click here to sign up to receive notifications on how to participate in Spring 2024 Design Incubator sessions.


During the Sept. 18, 2023, board meeting there was a discussion about the preliminary recommendation package for rightsizing the district. The initial package outlined plans for various changes in schools, including closures, redesigns, relocations, co-locations and mergers in the upcoming years.  


Click the buttons below or see our Quicklinks to learn more about the initial recommendations, community conversations, and how we plan to support our students and employees if the recommendation is approved.

Rightsizing Study
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Download the One-Page Overview

On June 20, 2023, the San Antonio ISD Board of Trustees brought forward and approved a resolution calling for a study of school building capacity for the purpose of supporting thriving schools, classrooms, students, teachers, and school leaders. The result of the study may lead to restructuring, or "rightsizing," school sites to better serve students. Rightsizing may involve closing school buildings, co-locating schools to the same campus, or consolidating multiple schools into one school. Recommendations from the study, if approved by the Board, will go into effect for the 2024-2025 School Year.

How did we get here?

This is the miracle we want to see.

We are grounded in the courageous understanding of public schools expressed by the San Antonio ISD Trustees in their Declaration of July 2022.

Later in October 2022, our Trustees adopted four goals and four guardrails focused on student outcomes.


Bringing the goals to life.

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The district, together with all stakeholders, created Always Learning, a five-year strategic management plan, to bring the board's commitment and goals to life. Achieving the outcomes in Always Learning will ensure we deliver on our promise of a high-quality education for every child. 

As part of this plan, we committed to enter into a long conversation with our community about what it means to be successful - or thriving. One of the ways we hope to help bring these goals to life is the Rightsizing study. View the Rightsizing timeline below. 

Empowering the SAISD Familia to thrive.

We convened a committee of 50 diverse members - families, teachers, parents, school leaders - and we asked them to help us create a vision for thriving students, teachers, classrooms, schools, school leaders, central office, and district. We also surveyed the community and received almost 2,000 responses. Review the drafts of each of our Thriving Profiles. 

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We can do better for our children.

Our Thriving Profiles cause us to reflect on whether we can deliver on our communities’ definition of a successful and thriving school. This reflection drove us to our data, and we concluded that we are at a crossroads.

In order to deliver educational equity, we need to address school facilities that are becoming emptier, underutilized and under-resourced. SAISD has been losing enrollment steadily for more than 20 years, and we have not closed school buildings at the rate our enrollment declined. Fewer students are the result of lower birth rates and families unable to afford living in the urban core. Only about 20% of our student loss is a result of in-district parents selecting out-of-district options. In fact, in large urban districts across the nation, school district leaders are facing the same challenge of the need to downsize.

Read the text or hear the rationale for the resolution.


Rightsizing the district has advantages for both students and teachers.

Change is always difficult, but it also brings new opportunities. As demographers Van Schoales and Brian Eschbacher said in EdWeek last year, “Many demographers have focused on the long-term risk to Social Security or Medicare posed by the lower birthrates, but K-12 education is actually the first institution to be dramatically affected. Shrinking is hard. But it does not have to be catastrophic, and if done thoughtfully, can even be an opportunity to restart or build higher-quality schools."

In SAISD, we believe that rightsizing will allow us to reimagine the way we support all students so both children and educators benefit.

Thriving Schools

Ensure Thriving Schools


Safety and Security on Campuses

Social Emotional

Enhance Social Emotional Resources

Teacher collab

Allow For Teacher Collaboration Across Same Grade Level


Ensure Each Child Receives Equitable Academic Offerings


Ensure Equitable Extracurricular Activities Across Schools

Learning Spaces

Determine the Learning Spaces Where Students Succeed


Better Match Number of Buildings to Enrollment

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Study Timeline

  • June 20, 2023: Board acts on the rightsizing resolution.

    • After the Board of Trustees passes the resolution, staff will develop a Rightsizing Framework. The framework is a decision-making tool to organize criteria that will be used to identify schools to be co-located, consolidated or closed, as well as schools suitable to receive students.
    • Through the summer and into September 2023, we will gather extensive feedback on the Rightsizing Framework. This will include, but not be limited to, holding two regional meetings in each of our comprehensive high school feeder patterns. This feedback will result in changes to the Rightsizing Framework that will inform our Initial Recommendation.

    Sept. 18, 2023: Board hears staff presentation on the Initial Rightsizing Recommendation.

    • Immediately after the Initial Recommendation to the Board, we will inform the affected staff, families, and students.
    • Between Sept. 18 and Oct. 27, 2023, we will gather extensive feedback from our communities on the Initial Recommendation. This will include, but not be limited to, holding two regional meetings in each of our comprehensive high school feeder patterns. This feedback may result in changes to the Initial Rightsizing Recommendation that we present to the Board of Trustees.

    Nov. 13, 2023: Board acts on the Final Rightsizing Recommendation

    • The Trustees will vote on the Final Recommendation as a total package, not one school at a time.
    • Should the Trustees approve the Rightsizing Recommendation, a Transition Team of experienced educators and leaders will mobilize to support students, families, and staff. We will meet with the community at each affected school at least twice after the Board's decisions.

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